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Why should I register?

Registering on as a recruiter will allow you to circulate your personnel requirements for managerial positions to the IIM Lucknow community, which consists of nearly 4,000 management executives across the world, as well as their circle of acquaintances.

What kind of job postings can I circulate via this facility?

All members of our community have the M BA or Fellow Program in Management qualifications, or equivalent. Therefore, we must ask that you post only those job openings which require these qualifications. We will not be able to circulate jobs which do not require an MBA or FPM qualification.

What happens to my postings?

Once you have posted a job offer, it is approved by one of our moderators. This is usually only a formality, after which it is circulated to our members. Individual members will respond to your job posting. Your posting is also retained on our website for our members to browse.

Are there any limitations regarding seniority, experience, or sector?

Our alumni range in experience from entry-level management trainees just starting on their careers, to C-level executives with 20+ years of experience. Our alumni work in a wide range of sectors including but not limited finance, consulting, marketing and sales, IT, HR, social services, and operations. Therefore, we do not have any limitations regarding seniority, experience, or sector.

What assurances or further assistance will the IIML Alumni Association provide?

This facility is a no-obligation, no assurance service provided by the IIML Alumni Association. The Association merely circulates your job post to its members, and is not responsible for any subsequent events including verification of memberships, responses you might receive, or any interaction with our members. Your job posting does not guarantee a response from our members.

Can I send other messages to the IIML community?

No. Our agreement with our members does not allow this. If you have such a requirement, please contact the webmaster.

Can I get contact details of your alumni?

No. We have strict data protection arrangements and do not disclose member contact details or names.

I have a problem or a question that is not answered above. Whom do I contact?

Please contact us at We will be happy to assist you with your query.


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